Astellas Foundation


Grant Application

Astellas Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that awards grants to support children in Science, literary, and educational programs.

About Us

Astellas Foundation was founded in 2005 by a large pharmaceutical company Astellas Pharma Inc.

Our Focus

Health and Well Being

Helping and enriching the lives of the people we help.

Stem Education

Focused on increasing the quality of STEM education.

Disaster Response

Giving help to those in need when disaster happens.

We Fund Programs that Cultivate the Community.

Astellas Foundation support of Red Cross

  • Astellas Foundation had Provided thousands of fire alarms to be distributed to the community for people’s homes in support of disaster preparedness.
  • Contributed and delivered relief goods and services to people that were affected by different kinds of disasters.
  • Provide ongoing Disaster relief to people that are still affected by a disaster and those that need help.
  • Assemble volunteers of different occupations and specialties that will help with Red Cross operations.