Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is considered a charitable contribution?

A charitable contribution is funding provided for a charitable purpose, without a commercial motive, and on an unconditional basis to a qualified organization to support the organization’s specific activities. We only support organizations that have 501(c)(3) status issued by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States or a charitable Registration Number issued by Canada Revenue Agency.

2. How will I know that my request has been received?

An email will be sent to the requestor upon submission of the request.

3. Are there any guarantees of approval for contributions?

No. Submission of a grant request is not a guarantee of approval. All requests must be reviewed by the Astellas USA Foundation review team.

4. Will an Astellas employee or sales representative be able to assist me with the application process or keep me apprised of my grant’s status?

No. Only the Astellas USA Foundation team may assist you with your grant request.

5. When should I know if my application has been approved or denied?

Most contribution decisions require an average of 90 days to occur. This is contingent upon the grant request being complete and not requiring additional information.

7. May an institution submit multiple requests in one year?

Yes. Astellas USA Foundation will accept more than one request from the same organization, regardless of whether they are submitted at the same time or different times.

8. Can I complete part of the online grant request and come back to it later?

Yes. If you are unable to complete your grant request in one sitting, you may save the request and come back to it later by clicking “Save & Continue Later” at the bottom of the page. At any time before the submission of a grant request, you will have the opportunity to come back and make changes to the request.

9. If my activity has already started, may I still submit a grant request?

No. Charitable contribution requests may only be submitted for activities that have yet to occur. Activity start dates must begin no earlier than 90 days after a request has been submitted for review.

10. If my grant is approved, does Astellas USA Foundation require any sort of acknowledgment?

Yes. Astellas USA Foundation requires recognition of charitable contribution.

11. What is reconciliation and how will I know when it is due?

Financial reconciliation consists of detailed activity expenditure documentation that funds were used for the approved activity. NOTE: Astellas USA Foundation request management system sends automated reminder emails to the requestor using the email provided upon registration until reconciliation is complete. All past-due financial/outcome reconciliations must be completed prior to the review of new grant request submissions.

12. Is there anything that would prevent and/or delay a contribution from being considered?

Yes. Outstanding financial and/or outcome reconciliations must be completed in the Astellas USA Foundation charitable request system prior to review of any new request submission. Additionally, charitable requests must be free from any Astellas sales or commercial influence or involvement.

Failure to submit requested/required materials – even if due to technical difficulties will delay future requests during the review process.

13. What if my descriptions, agenda, budget, etc. do not fit into the allotted space?

You will have the opportunity to upload supporting documentation at the end of the Grant Request Form.

14. What if I have my own Letter of Agreement?

All Astellas USA Foundation grants must abide by the Letter of Agreement issued by Astellas USA Foundation through the charitable request system. If you have any questions or concerns about the agreement terms, please contact the Astellas USA Foundation Office at 1-224-205-8979 or via email at

15. Why did I receive a Request for Additional Information and how much time do I have for completion?

A Request for Additional Information is made when more information is needed to consider your grant request. The request will be sent through the Astellas USA Foundation charitable request system. If Astellas USA Foundation has not received all necessary information within 14 calendar days of the request, the grant request may be closed.

16. What should I do if I experience technical difficulties with the Astellas USA Foundation online charitable grant system?

For assistance, please contact Astellas USA Foundation at 224-205-8559. It is the responsibility of the grant requestor to notify Astellas USA Foundation of any technical difficulties.

Revised August 6 2015.