• June 26, 2018

    Empowering More Girls to Pursue Career Paths in STEM

    Astellas USA Foundation Science WoRx® mentors supported iBIO’s annual five-day summer camp for 200 girls aged 3rd-8th grade. Through fun hands-on activities, projects and speaker sessions focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), the camp aimed to spark girls’ interests and inspire them to pursue careers in these fields.

    • June 21, 2018

    Encouraging Young Minds to Pursue Futures in STEM with Chicago Zoological Society

    Astellas USA Foundation recruited 23 Astellas employees, referred to as Science WoRx® mentors, to spend a day encouraging and coaching young minds in STEM by volunteering as VIP Judges at the Chicago Zoological Society’s annual Science Fairs.

    • May 31, 2018

    Illinois High School Students Showcase Robust STEM Knowledge for U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos During 2017-2018 School Year

    Canton High School was one of 26 rural Illinois schools to receive a Project Lead The Way grant funded by Astellas USA Foundation’s Rural Spark Project™. To see the impact of this grant firsthand, U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos visited Canton High School in the spring and learned about educational resources available for students in her district.

    • February 16, 2018

    A Year of Making a Difference

    Helping build healthier, sustainable communities is the heart of Astellas USA Foundation’s mission. Read about some of the most meaningful contributions the Foundation’s partner organizations provided in 2017.

    • November 13, 2017

    Astellas USA Foundation Grant Supports Free Physicals During Special Olympics Illinois’ 19th Annual MedFest

    For those living with intellectual disabilities, subtle stigma and discrimination can compromise the quality of health care they receive. To address this issue, Astellas USA Foundation provided a grant and recruited Astellas volunteers to support SO Illinois’ 19th annual Chicago MedFest on November 7.

    • September 5, 2017

    Introducing the Rural Spark Project: A chance for rural students to have bright futures in STEM

    For students growing up in rural communities, access to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs can be limited. To address this issue, Astellas USA Foundation launched the Rural Spark Project through a multi-year grant with Project Lead The Way (PLTW) over the next three years.

    • August 14, 2017

    Science WoRxTM Encourages Futures in STEM through Support of Summer Science Camps

    As the daughter of an electrician, Elizabeth developed an early comfort level and familiarity with circuits and programming. During her two weeks attending PS Science’s Summer S-Team Rangers camp, Elizabeth served as the go-to helper for her fellow 4th and 5th grade campers, helping fix their laser powered car circuits and assisting the camp’s electrical engineer. At just 11 years old, she began to see what a future career might hold.

    • June 28, 2017

    Astellas USA Foundation Donates to GrowingGreat for Garden Education Programs

    “Tomate,” said Alejandro, adjusting the lab goggles on his head as he examined the food in front of him. The tomato was actually an apricot, a fruit he had never seen until that day. But Alejandro* wasn’t told he was wrong, because he was mostly right. He was thinking like a scientist – classifying and participating in scientific inquiry, even though the question was asked in English and he speaks primarily Spanish. “Yes, Alejandro, it is very much like a tomato,” said the GrowingGreat educator. “It’s a fruit called an apricot. Let’s open it up and see what’s inside.”

    • November 10, 2016

    Helping Illinois residents prepare and protect against home fires with Chicago Red Cross

    In the United States, seven people are killed each day in a home fire – more than any other natural disaster, according to statistics from the American Red Cross. No matter where or how you live, a home fire can happen to anyone. With disaster preparedness as one of our three areas of focus, we’re dedicated to helping the communities where we live and work prepare today for the unforeseen events of tomorrow.

    • October 24, 2016

    Making Health and Well-Being Our Responsibility

    For Jeff Bloss, giving back is more than a phrase – it’s a responsibility. As an Astellas USA Foundation Board member, Jeff explains how Astellas USA Foundation supports Living Smart by helping people in our communities access the health & well-being programs they need.

    • September 27, 2016

    Helping Our Communities Prepare, Recover and Flourish from Disaster

    When Jeff Winton was a child, his rural farming community in upstate New York was struck by a series of disasters, including a fire that burnt down his house and a set of tornadoes that devastated his town. As Astellas USA Foundation president, Winton understands that disaster can strike when we least expect it, and that being prepared can ease the burden of those affected. He explains how Astellas USA Foundation is helping communities prepare, recover and flourish when the unexpected happens.

    • September 9, 2016

    Astellas USA Foundation donates Atrium to the Chicago Botanic Garden's new Learning Center

    This week, we attended the grand opening of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s new Learning Center, a 26,700-square-foot facility located in the heart of the Regenstein Learning Campus. The goal of the learning campus and center is to bring people of all ages closer to the environment by offering nature-based education and wellness programs throughout the year.

    • August 22, 2016

    For Astellas USA Foundation, Giving Back means Living SmartTM together, with our communities

    It's hard to encapsulate "giving back" in a single definition. That's why my colleagues at Astellas USA Foundation and I like to refer to giving back as Living Smart. Living SmartTM means preparing communities today for what can happen tomorrow. Astellas USA Foundation and Astellas Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) align on this mission and collaborate to create positive impact to society. Our goal is to help the communities where we live and work access the resources they need to flourish and face the future with confidence.

    • August 4, 2016

    Astellas USA Foundation Presented with Wesbury Leadership Award from the American Red Cross

    Today Astellas USA Foundation was honored to receive the Wesbury Leadership Award from the American Red Cross. Astellas USA Foundation proudly welcomed members of the Red Cross to Astellas' headquarters for the Americas in Northbrook, IL, where Celena Roldán, CEO of American Red Cross of Chicago and Northern Illinois presented Jim Robinson, president of Astellas Americas, and Board member of Astellas USA Foundation, with the award at a company-wide town hall meeting.

    • July 20, 2016

    Astellas USA Foundation launches STEM Education in Rural Communities Initiative

    Deadline for partnership proposals is August 15, 2016

    Complementing its wide array of existing partnerships, Astellas USA Foundation has launched an innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) initiative to introduce the benefits of STEM education to middle school and high school students in targeted rural communities.




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