Young girl with mentor, Robin Andrews

Meet the Mentors!

They're shaping young minds and the future for us all.

Our featured mentors, along with countless others, are inspiring children to see STEM topics in a different light—a brighter one. Their methods foster interest and their encouragement creates enlightenment.

Science WoRx Mentor: Leticia Delgado-Herrera - Making A Difference


Her approach to science research is no different than her approach to life: the most effective path isn't always the most common. Inspired to find a cure for ALS, one student-turned-researcher found her calling, and later found herself, working for Astellas.

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Science WoRx Mentor: Alison Hayles - A Big Decision: Music or Science?

A big decision: Music, or Science?

As a teenager growing up in Great Britain, Alison Hayles was torn between two passions: music and science. She chose to follow her inner voice and pursue science, a decision for which she will be forever grateful.

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Science WoRx Mentor: Angela Kwiatek - Scientific Researcher Loves to Write

Scientific Researcher Loves to Write.

While conducting cancer research, Angela Kwiatek made an important personal discovery: She didn’t like doing experiments. Today she loves her new career as a medical writer.

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