Boys Town
Boys Town: Promoting Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in Teens through Talking

Sometimes all it takes is someone who will listen. Funding from Astellas USA Foundation helps the Boys Town National Hotline® and its online resources save teens from trauma, prevent further damage to relationships with family and friends, and even save lives. People can make a call or send a message, knowing that someone on the other end will listen, care and find a way to help.

  • "My friend wants me to try a drug. What could be the harm?"
  • "Nobody at school likes me. Am I really such a loser?"
  • "My daughter won’t listen, and she didn’t come home last night. What should I do?"

When people ask these questions, their lives are about to change. Teens will either take big risks or seek safety. Families will either break apart or come together.

That’s why Astellas USA Foundation is supporting Boys Town's efforts to promote positive mental health and raise awareness about teen suicide warning signs and prevention. Thanks to a grant from Astellas USA Foundation, the Boys Town National Hotline® and its Your Life, Your Voice website are connecting teens from across the country by phone, online messaging and mobile texting to Crisis Counselors who can help them conquer challenges like depression, anxiety and bullying. Additionally, enables teens to share stories with one another on anonymous bulletin boards and download a mobile app for journaling their feelings.

The need is great. Boys Town counselors receive more than 180,000 calls and messages each year – about 500 per day – from teens and parents from all 50 states, and thousands more use the online resources available at In 2015, Boys Town counselors intervened in more than 650 suicides in progress.