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Contessa's Story
Contessas Miracle Flight Story

In May of 2015, our family was on a trip to visit family in California. We spent a couple of days with friends in Portland and continued on our way. Contessa seemed normal and happy that morning. We stopped in Grant’s Pass, Oregon for lunch. When we got Contessa out of her car seat, her legs were limp; she did nothing at all with them. We took her to the emergency room of the local hospital and were there for less than 24 hours before they flew Contessa and her mom to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Contessa was discharged two weeks later. She was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis (TM). The doctors administered steroids and IVIG while she was in the hospital for acute treatment. Contessa seems to be improving well, for which we are very thankful. She has regular physical therapy to help with the remaining mobility issues. However, we have remaining concerns. I, Contessa’s mother, have Multiple Sclerosis. This disease is very similar to TM in many ways and, in fact, some of those who have TM go on to develop MS.

We have asked many questions regarding this to the neurologists at Seattle Children's Hospital but, because the disease is so rare, they did not have any real answers. We met with other families who have been affected by TM and were encouraged to see Dr. Greenberg in Texas. He is one of the only experts in treating TM, and is also an expert in MS. We hope he can provide some answers about the connection, ramifications, and potential warning signs, especially for a pre-language child in regards to reoccurrence, and potentially becoming MS.

Contessa's mother

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