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Jacob's Story
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Jacob is a 15 year old that has 32 diagnoses, one of which is Russell-Silver Syndrome. This very rare syndrome causes many medical problems for the children that suffer from it. Some of these problems include reflux, hypoglycemia, hearing loss, short stature, failure to thrive from poor weight gain, and many more issues. Jacob must travel to New York to see Dr. Harbison, who specializes in treating this syndrome.

When Dr. Harbison first saw him back in 2004, Jacob was near death because of the rarity of the syndrome. Other doctors did not know how to treat Jacob. Dr. Harbison has taken care of Jacob since that time and has helped him grow and develop. Thanks to Miracle Flights for getting us to her. We cannot afford the expense of his numerous trips to treatment.

We appreciate your help in getting us to New York for Jacob to see his doctor so many times, and it is a great help to us. Thank you for your organization. It really does help people who are not financially able to afford important treatment for their children.

Jacob's mother

Photo and story provided by Miracle Flights