Providing Access to Health Care in the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Americares: Providing Access to Health Care in the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

In response to Hurricane Matthew that struck Haiti in October 2016, Astellas USA Foundation provided funding to Americares, a Foundation partner since 2015, to aid in the shipment of cholera prevention and treatment supplies, including antibiotics and water purification materials, to help local health care workers control the spread of the deadly disease. The supplies aided onsite medical staff working to slow the spread of cholera and provided relief to sick patients in storm-damaged communities, in turn helping the community stall further spread of waterborne diseases.

The hurricane created a path of destruction that left 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Haiti. In response, Americares deployed mobile medical teams to provide care and delivered critical medical supplies in hard-hit communities in the South and Grand’Anse departments, including Port-à-Piment, Roche-à-Bateaux and Côteaux. The teams, staffed by Creole and French-speaking Haitian medical professionals, treated more than 32,000 patients in the aftermath of the storm. The Americares doctors and nurses provided treatment for storm-related injuries including lacerations, and referred patients with cholera and others in need of specialized care to nearby medical facilities. Americares also staffed cholera treatment centers in the region and worked to repair damaged health care facilities.

“The extra support to slow the spread of cholera was especially crucial during this time,” said Americares Director of Emergency Programs Kate Dischino. “Not only were we able to immediately treat those who were ill, we were able to help prevent the spread of a deadly disease. Astellas USA Foundation helped us save lives and restore health services in a time of crisis.”

In addition to disaster relief efforts in Haiti and around the world, providing access to quality healthcare and medicines is crucial for building a better, sustainable future. On the home front, Americares works to supply medicine, supplies, education and training to 1,000 partner health care facilities in the U.S., supporting health care for low-income patients who might otherwise forgo their medical care due to cost. Americares is one of many critical partners enabling a safety net for the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Disaster can strike when it’s least expected, and Astellas USA Foundation believes everyone – regardless of income, location or background – deserves proper support to rebuild and sustain their communities. The Americares partnership unites a combined effort to deliver access to health and provide disaster relief in communities around the world, building a stronger future for those who need it most.