World Food Program USA
World Food Program USA: Building Self-Reliance in Rural Communities

Scientists call the first 1,000 days in the life of a new mother and her child a “golden window.” Ensuring they have nutritious food during this time—from a mother’s pregnancy to a child’s second birthday — is vital for physical and mental development.

With the help of Astellas USA Foundation and the UN World Food Program USA (WFP), thousands of new mothers and young children in rural El Salvador will have the nutrition they need to thrive.

El Salvador, the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America, is frequently affected by natural disasters. The food insecurity is exasperated in populations that WFP assists in the rural areas by few employment opportunities, and the current climatic conditions (extended drought). Coffee rust has recently led to a 50 percent reduction in production and left 36,000 unemployed. Mothers and their children have been particularly affected. Sadly, approximately 51 percent of children under age one in rural areas suffer from anemia due to iron deficiency.

Astellas USA Foundation is helping eradicate chronic malnutrition for 800 pregnant and lactating women (and their children under the age of two), that will receive a monthly voucher redeemable at local super markets for the purchase of a specialized nutritious product called SuperCereal+. The voucher is given upon completion of health checkup, as well as completion of educational training in proper food and nutrition practices.

The UN World Food Programme works to solve global hunger in 82 countries, building a world where everyone has food and nutrition needed to live healthy, productive lives.