OPCC, Daybreak Program
Audrey's Story
Audreys OPCC Image

Daybreak assists women such as 63-year-old Audrey*, who now lives in her own apartment, works as a caregiver, and wakes up with a smile on her face each day. Yet it wasn’t always this way.

When Audrey's mother passed away in 2002, Audrey's world crumbled. She was depressed, could no longer work and found herself couch surfing with friends. Sometimes, she slept on the streets. After 10 years of being homeless, Audrey learned about OPCC. For six months, Audrey was an outreach client, stopping in to Daybreak for day services and returning to the streets at night. With the staff’s continued encouragement, Audrey entered the residential program and moved into Daybreak. She worked in the kitchen, which gave her purpose and allowed her to do what she truly loved: helping others. In record time, Audrey not only became Client of the Month, she also received her Section 8 housing voucher. She remains an inspiring role model for other clients.

*Client’s name has been changed
Photo and story provided by OPCC