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Sarah's Story
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Sarah* became homeless in 2013 when she lost her job, and her mental and physical health rapidly declined. Unable to afford her apartment, she and her six-year-old daughter became homeless. Sarah realized she needed help. She asked her mother to take care of her daughter until her health was again stable. Sarah entered Daybreak and working diligently with her case manager and clinical therapists, she slowly regained her health. She completed her GED and, as Daybreak offers three meals each day and does not charge rent, she was able to save some money. She eventually was able to put down a security deposit on her own apartment. Today, Sarah has earned the trust of her family and visits her daughter often. She holds a job as a cashier at a nearby grocery store, volunteers for clients at Daybreak, and is working toward regaining custody of her child. She is independent and grateful, and says that she couldn’t have done any of it without the help of OPCC.

Astellas USA Foundation is pleased to fund Daybreak, OPCC's interim housing and day program that offers services including meals, workshops and classes, mental health care and linkage with medical care to homeless women living with mental illness. Designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment, Daybreak offers 20 semi-private bed areas, 10 emergency beds, and a holistic approach to wellness so that participants may eventually move to permanent, supportive housing and regain independence.

*Client’s name has been changed
Photo and story provided by OPCC