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Rachel's Story
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Daybreak serves women of all ages. Our older clients have special challenges in rebuilding their lives, especially when their homelessness is recent, but their successes in the program are particularly rewarding both to them and to Daybreak.

Rachel* is a 60-year old female from England. In 2004, Rachel was engaged and the new owner of a café in Santa Monica. She earned a culinary degree and was looking forward to a successful new career as a restaurateur. But her fiancé committed suicide in their home in 2009, and Rachel fell into a deep depression. She moved into the restaurant because she could not bring herself to return to the home she and her fiancé shared. She lived in the restaurant until she was evicted in 2013. Rachel was living in her car when the Los Angeles County 211 hotline staff encouraged her to seek services at Daybreak Shelter. After enrolling in Daybreak, Rachel continued to build life skills, set goals, and volunteered to cook meals for the residents of Daybreak. In 2014, she moved into permanent housing. She is now working, and continues to volunteer her services at Daybreak by preparing meals and teaching classes to Daybreak design participants.

*Client’s name has been changed
Photo and story provided by OPCC